Choosing a Perth Web Developer

We are based in Perth WA and we know that choosing a website developer can seem a daunting task. When I say web development, I am referring to not just an information website but a custom coded website that is a complete business tool and performs tasks that otherwise would be done by staff, which can be expensive. That’s where custom software can transform your business and give you the extra time that you are probably currently spending in the office late at night and on weekends. Spending the valuable time in the business instead of with the family is the curse and the number one mistakes of most entrepreneurs who are used to doing everything themselves.

The first step is the web development idea. Generally the client has a rough idea of what they want. The initial meeting will look holistically at your business and how the software can help automate tasks not only today but in the future. When we combine your ideas and Web Wizards experience we often find creative and innovative ways that we can go beyond what was initially thought of.

Once we have agreed on what the custom web design and software will do, we will prepare a timeline of tasks and milestones for the project. Regular meetings are important and so is any client feedback along the way.  Web development is a combined effort and the more the client becomes engaged, generally the better result. After all, the client knows their business better than anyone.

One example of software that we have created include RTO’s (registered training Organisations) that have regulatory requirements to keep records and to demonstrate.  In this instance we replaced a manual system that meant the client collecting pre-course and post course competency evaluations by their clients and providing an automated system that kept track of forms that were incomplete and email software to make requests. Previously one full time staff was required to do just this job in one branch. The system has now been applied nationwide. It not only fulfills the logistic requirements of the process but also gives them a marketing advantage.

It is important if your business has tasks that are being completed manually, that you seriously consider a web development company such as Web Wizards to reduce your ongoing costs and increase business efficiency.


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