Common HTML & Design Coding Errors

Coding a website is always a well thought out process and something that you should have a decent amount of time thinking about, so today we are going to give you some tips and pointers on common coding mistakes that you can easily fix and will only help your website bring recurring and new traffic.


Headers –

Using headers and sub-headers is something people can easily over do and make a website look very unattractive and very messy on the coding side. We definitely ain’t saying one way is the correct way as all websites are different but we suggest limiting “H1” tags to one per page. Take advantage of the “H2 – H6” headers to make your web page stand out and give it a natural look.


Avoiding Frames –

Try to avoid using frames if you can as, they also bring a lot of issues with them which sometimes do not include support for older and new/beta versions of browsers. They also cause a big issue for navigations and sometimes do not let crawl bots, well crawl the page properly which makes it harder for bots indexing your website!


Building Your Site For Performance –

One thing that will divert traffic from your site to somewhere else is a slow loading website. This don’t only affect a users experience but can also affect search engines and rankings. Some things you can do is make sure your code is lightly written and images kept to a minimum size. There are lots of things you can do to speed up a website, sometimes it can even be way to much animation happening on the page. This is a very important aspect to keep in mind.


Using Sitemaps –

A sitemap is what tells crawlers and bots the navigation of your website and how it all connects together. Search engines also use this for many factors including updating your websites pages and changes on search engines. Using a sitemap is vital for the success of any new website making it onto the internet. They also provide valuable metadata for your website such as when your website was last updated!



Most importantly though like every industry there are tools for the trade. In the web design industry things can change very quickly from coding styles to the programs you write your codes with, having out dated versions of these can cause big issues for your website, so we suggest using HTML5 as it has become an industry standard for coding your websites and always keeping up to date with the new trends and updates of what is and will be changing.


With all of these tips in mind you should be on the way to producing more healthier , safe, and reliable code for your website. There are many good resources online and give great content on all of the tips we have given above!

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