Common Website Design Errors

Is your website underperforming ? Does your website seem to be lacking behind compared to some of the other websites your are competing against? Well one of the biggest issues businesses and website owners face is the design of their website. Sometimes it is just outdated or just poorly put together,

so in this article we are going to give you some tips on designing your website or getting ready for your next one!

An issue people in some cases and one of the most well known issues that professional designers face is that some websites can lack consistent web-formatting if the person putting it together does not have much experience. Some of the things you can check to see if your website is consistent is the:

  • Navigation
  • Headers
  • Text
  • Typography

When these four things are not combined well they can make a website look extremely messy. So working on these and playing around to see what feels and looks right is a great idea!

A focused layout is a very important aspect of any website, this simply makes your website highlight the important content, and the content that was made to put a point across! Hiding these can make the site look very inconsistent and uninformative. This tends to draw traffic away to other sites.

Designing-website-conceptWhite space, something that sometimes is not used enough. White space is one of those things that can either be over-done or not quite have enough of give a website an awkward type of feel. It is also well known this issue can cause people not to be able to take information in well enough compared to what they would have if it had been broken up with just some simple white space! So fiddle around with it and most importantly make it feel natural.

An absolute no-no in modern day web design is horizontal sliding of a webpage! A good designer, or anyone wanting to make their content come to life and make the readability easier will know to have the design go down vertical and keep the resolution of width within means of the screen. The current optimised layout for websites currently is 1024 x 768 pixels.

One thing that will turn potential customers away and visitors  to another website is an overkill of images. The idea of images on a webpage is to catch the attention of the visitor, too many of them can be very aggravating or confusing as it will make a page look very unnatural. Keep them their to illustrate a purpose and guide the visitor when needed. To see some we have done feel free to look at our web design portfolio and services.

These are just some of the most common web-design mistakes! But if you can get on top of these, we guarantee your website will feel more natural and flow much better! A more natural flowing website is guaranteed to keep new visitors coming and old ones returning.

Non having a responsive website is also one of the biggest mistake you can do, here is why


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