How To Create an Attractive Splash Page?

Your home page is the first thing a visitors sees before they’re invited to view the content of the website. If potential customers are backing out shortly after they arrive, then it is a fair indication your website is failing you if it isn’t sending out Wow Energy. Wow, Energy is that built-in element of intrigue that fascinates visitors as they’re lured to your page. Wow, Energy also has the power to have them linger long after other sites offering similar products and services to yours have watched them click off.


A splash page is a business card and acts as a Welcome, “won’t you come on in” screen. It has come full circle since 2007 when it was often asked if we require them. In 2010 we were ready to euthanise them due to their lack of content. And in 2016 they made a comeback, and they’re better than they’ve ever been. They’ve assisted in increasing conversions and are the CTA (Call To Action) pages that act as a lead-in.

What is a Splash Page?

Splash pages say all you want to say to your potential customers before the conversation has even begun. A successful splash page, different from a stand-alone landing page is the initial experience your visitors are introduced to. Although a splash page offers very little to promote your goods and or services, it entices your visitors through clever design and an invitation to subscribe.

What is the Secret Behind a Successful Splash Page?

When confronted with a splash page it will often act as a full-screen headline. Designs vary from the very chic to the simplest, yet most effective pages ever created. Examples of elegance can be found in Reason. A page that holds it’s headline centrally is compelling and uncluttered allowing the curiosity elements of the mind to take the visitor further into the inner precincts of the website.


Another example, Make It Perfect is quite removed from the usual choice is the retro trend that can include a loading bar not often featured on websites anymore due to our impatience with long loading times. However, in this instance, it gives one the opportunity to experience a hint of nostalgia. One more example is Harbor Co. who have introduced a video background in an almost diluted shadow kind of way. A warning is indeed apt here. If the video is not optimised, you may find your loading times are dramatically increased thus frustrating your potential customers.

How to Create a Splash Page

There are two ways you can create a splash page for your website. You can hire a third party and invest in a designed template then host the page on your site, or you can create one yourself. There are two applications you can use to create your page also. One is Instapage where you can design your splash page using pre-designed templates. There are several to choose from, and you’re able to edit the template quickly and easily with the Instapage fully customisable builder then when you’re happy with the result to click publish, and you’re good to go. They do require that you sign up before you begin but once there, you’ve got everything you need from lead generation to click through, Ebook, event, app, etc.


You’ve got 30 days on your free trial and after that a fee of $29 per month for a basic plan, and if you pay annually, you save 25%. Divi, on the other hand, offers a host of pre-installed Divi layouts which make the entire operation easier and will save you loads of time. You’ll create a new post in your WordPress dashboard and enable the Divi Builder and click Load From Library. On the following page, click load, and the Divi splash page layout appears. Three text modules and a CTA at the bottom of the page is sufficient. A few changes will be required to make the page yours, and by using the options in the module’s settings, you’ve got everything you need.


Use the space provided to capture your visitors with choice messages that will entice them to move forward. And if you prefer a more contemporary page, you have the ability to add a Fullwidth Header module whose settings make your page full screen. You’re able to add a scroll down button and an overlay.


Splash pages are returning to online marketing. Why? Because they assist in huge ways as businesses can give their visitors a valuable glimpse of the messages that are applicable to them.
What’s most attractive about splash pages is that they don’t ask for much from the visitor which not only is something visitors greatly appreciate, but first impressions are always the best impressions.

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