How To Effectively Grow Your Email List In 2017

Anyone in business who isn’t aware that the email list is the number one tool for converting visitors is going to find it difficult in future to harness new prospects. The email list has been proven to turn visitors into returning customers.Subscribers who opted into your newsletter are there for a reason, and the benefits are that advertising is working through word of mouth techniques as well. Your traffic is heading toward your website because you’ve got something in demand.You have a list of people you can reach out to when you’ve got a new product to announce; an email list if your best business companion. You must have one.

Starting out and building your list is relatively easy but having your visitors part with their email list can be where the challenges begin. In this article, we’ll show you how to get the wheels turning and keep them in motion as you grow your business.

Tools You’ll Need

There are several options you can choose to increase your chances of having visitors subscribe. The first is the incentive. It is an offer your visitors cannot refuse. It’s an I-need-to-have-this incentive that brings your visitor closer to parting with their email address. They’re referred to as lead magnets and creating them is relatively easy. By displaying the details of the lead magnet via a sign-up form, usually showing up at the end of your post or even via a pop-up, you’re harnessing curiosity.

On the form, your message explains the incentive and thereunder is the invitation to fill in your details so that you can get the offer which is usually free. To add a form to your website your WordPress theme will probably have what you need to get going otherwise, if you’re using the Divi theme, you can add an email form with the plugin-replacing features that are on offer.

Increasing Opt-In Rates Quickly

Something that works very well, although sometimes annoying for some people is the lightbox pop-up form. Many websites also use flashing arrows or huge red headlines to attract attention. This is a form of aggressive marketing. It’s showing you where to sign-up and when you do you’ll be rewarded with the incentive. It’s a one step action, and that’s it. A quieter way is to execute a two-step approach wherein the visitor clicks on a link that asks him, ‘Want Free Marketing Tools with that?’ Step 1 is clicking on the link. Step 2 is opting in. They’ve looked at the banner, clicked on it by choice, then they click the next link to opt-in and will be eligible to receive the next newsletter and any updates on offer.

You can include a tease video if you wish. Showing only a snippet of what you have to offer, like a trailer, you have it running for a few seconds then a pop-up that explains they’ll have to opt-in to continue watching. The call to action is relevant to what is in the video. So it all ties into the visitor’s interest and attitude that is now telling him, he must have it.

Many, many websites do whatever they can to sign you up. To gain access to an eBook, you’ve got to hand over your email details. To have a free item, the visitor clicks on a text link or a button. This then activates the next step, and the opt-in form is displayed. If you prefer, you can display your opt-in form on a squeeze page that has been optimised for the very purpose of promoting your offer. What you’re doing with this quieter approach, the two-step opt-in is to have your visitor show an interest in your offer, then the next step which is to enter their email details, is just a necessary, and accepted step to take to have the offer. It is a more preferred approach that is less ‘in your face’ while visitors are being bombarded with pop-ups that will probably only send them clicking off. Just ensure the offer you’re promoting is relevant to the content your reader is digesting.

If you’re using WordPress, you will need to install an opt-in email plugin, or you can get access to the Bloom plugin which gives you access to a broad range of opt-in forms. Now that you’ve got your opt-in forms displayed on your website, you’ll need an email marketing service to manage your subscriber’s list. A good easy to manage all-rounder for this side of the equation is Mailchimp, and you can start off at as little as $10 per month.

Incentives Are Important

You need to resonate with your readers. This is the very first step toward offering an incentive to get them to part with their email address. If your posts are remarkable, your readers will sign immediately. They won’t want to miss out on your future articles. It has to be an offer that your readers cannot refuse. It may be something that can be sold, perhaps an eBook or a service which is initially given away to your subscribers as a lead magnet. Increasing your list means increasing your incentives. If you’re offering tips and techniques on a certain niche, you could offer a free guide. Then after opt-in, you might have a course or a video that shares further methods. You might follow that up with an eBook that explains the exact How To on a certain product or service you have on offer.

Lead Magnet Incentive Delivery

Now it’s time to deliver. You might have your marketing email service sending files directly to your subscriber’s in-box. Not a good idea. Instead, you’re better off including a link in the welcome message that invites the subscriber back to your website. There they can access the lead magnet, and they also get a reminder as to why they subscribed in the first place. You’ll have links displaying other content they might find useful, or you could showcase your relevant products and services. Never ignore an opportunity to introduce ‘new’ and updates to your subscribers.

Lead Magnet Ideas

We’ve shared some lead magnet ideas that you can use to begin building your email list right now; others, of course, will take a little more time to create.

  • eBooks
    Consider the format that will be better applied to your target audience and also the opportunity or the offer you’re going to present to them as your ‘Simply Must Have’, cannot refuse this offer. An eBook is a great lead magnet. Easy to create and easier for your readers to digest, in the PDF form, it is a great way to share high-value content. You can copy and paste your best content on a page on your website available only to subscribers or you can use a WordPress plugin that will assist you in compiling posts into a PDF or digital document. Grab all that valuable contents you’ve got in the archives and start putting an eBook together.
  • Discounts
    Consider a discount coupon if you’re selling products or services. This creates a two-way street in your favour; increase sales while growing your list and enjoy more sales in the interim. You might even offer free shipping as a more attractive offer.
  • Webinars
    Either way is a great way to extend your global reach. You’ve got the information and the technology to share. Doing so through a webinar is an extremely effective way to get in touch with people.
  • Webinars can also be reused as recorded archives and then, providing the content is still relevant, can be offered as an email incentive after the event.
  • Personal Contact
    Sometimes, when appropriate, a personal call with someone from your target audience can be rewarded to both involved. It would lead to a direct sale or client acquisition. It is a call you’ve offered, not one to test your hard sell skills.

Wrapping Up

Not everything here is going to be the right suggestion for you, but you can begin working on your lead magnet and make it as irresistible as possible. It’s a matter of opening up your creativity and delving into your archival means.There’s so much you can do while you’re also thinking about your target audience and what it is they need. This all ties in with your lead magnet and which one would be the best way to deliver your value.

You’ve got the knowledge to share with that audience whom you’re targeting and with shortened videos or content that leads them to the next gateway, your eBook. You’ve got something of value to offer.If you think they may respond better financially, then opt for the discount coupon.

Just remember, your email list is for your interested subscribers. Keep them interested because it is still very easy to unsubscribe if the content doesn’t hold it’s value. Keep in mind that if you over promise and over deliver, you’ll hold your audience. It’s all about exposing your brand, handing over the value and keeping them happy.

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