Domain Names & Hosting

    Can I organise my domain name through Web Wizards?

    You certainly can. We manage the domain names for the majority of our clients. If you haven’t already chosen a domain name we can help research the best domain name for your market – this can assist in Google searches. We can then register and manage the domain name for you – you don’t need to worry about the settings like name servers or how to get your website onto your domain name. We have done this hundreds of times so we can set this up quickly for you and make sure all the configurations are correct.

    One of the main reasons we encourage you to register your domain name through us is so that you never lose it. We have unfortunately had many sad stories about businesses losing their domain name becasue they forgot to update the domain companies records when their email address changed or the reminder went into spam. If your domain is not renewed your website will disappear from the web and possibly your emails will stop working – it is VERY important to look after your domain name.

    Where is my website hosted and is it secure?

    We have our own dedicated Australian server (24 core processors with 32GB RAM) in secured computer rooms with a main disk with a mirrored disk and a backup disk with a mirrored disk (4 in total).  Our server is fully monitored and managed 24/7 by an Australian company that has been operating since 1999. Your website is backed up daily, weekly and monthly. The server is fast and with plenty of excess capacity to keep it fast. Even if you “fat finger” your website, we can generally have it restored in 20 minutes.

    Do I have to host my website with Web Wizards?

    No you don’t, although we think you’d be crazy not to. If your website is hosted with us then you not only receive world class hosting you receive ongoing editing support for your website. The advantage of hosting a website with us is that we can always access your site if something goes wrong – and because we built the website we understand the coding and the systems used for any updates or additions needed.

Getting Started

    Do I own my website?

    The website is YOURS as soon it is fully paid for. You can do with it as you wish.

    How much does a website cost?

    We normally answer this with a question – how much does a car cost? And of course the price of a car depends on the quality and the extras, and the same can be said for a website. I suppose you could say a website from Web Wizards is of Lexus quality at a Hyundai price. We will give you a full quote based on an indepth discussion about your business needs and what your marketing requirements are. What we will say is that at Web Wizards we build one-off, fully customised designs, fully coded by our own development team in our Perth office for a very competitive price.

    To find out more about Web Wizards’ website pricing go HERE

Mobiles & Tablets

    How will my website look on a mobile phone?

    Did you know that more than 60% of website look ups are carried out on a mobile device, so it is incredibly important that your website performs in a responsive manner. Every website we build is coded to adjust to the screen size on which it is viewed for the best user experience. So a website that is coded correctly for responsiveness means that whether you view the website on a large desktop computer or look at it on a mobile phone it will still be easy to read and navigate. When making a website responsive the same content that’s on the desktop version is automatically arranged in a different configuration when viewed on a mobile device to ensure that it can be easily read (the text is large enough), the menu is an icon that once clicked displays the page choices, that the phone number is “Click To Call” and functions to dial directly from your phone and images are cascaded down the page to fill the screen and be easily seen. An example of responsiveness is this website. View it on a large screen, laptop, tablet or phone and you will see that the website changes to match the device you are using. The code responds to the device you are using, resizing and re-ordering the contents to fit perfectly. It is not just a miniature version of the desktop. This is called a responsive website.

Search Engine Optimisation

    How do I know if anybody is looking at my website?

    As part of your website development we include Google Analytics – we set this up on your website and supply logins so you can track how many visitors are coming to your site, how long they spend on your site and which pages they are looking at. This invaluable feedback helps you to make online marketing decisions.

    Will my website be on the front page of Google straight away?

    Unfortunately not – we can work many miracles but this is not one of them, Google controls this. When a website is first made live it needs to be found by Google and Google needs to index the site – Google send its robot around. Google needs to trust your website in order to rank it on the front page. We specialise in ranking companies on the front page of Google and we will have a detailed conversation with client’s regarding what is needed to rank your website. We research keywords that your potential customers are typing into Google. That way we are working from known facts and can formulate a plan.


Website Design

    Do you use templated website designs or can I get the website design I want?

    Every website is an individually designed and created website so we don’t use any templates. Using a template can restrict not only the design but the functionality as well and can possibly be penalised by Google in the rankings. When we build a website we start off with an in depth discussion with you and the team to assess your market, your style and the functionality required. Our designer then investigates further and in consultation with you develops the optimum design to suit what you want and will give the best result. The process has been streamlined so you will have ongoing, interactive communication through the design process via an online Vision Board where you can see the design evolve and give feedback directly to the designer.

    How long does it take to build my website and make it live?

    At Web Wizards we like to have your website designed, coded, tested and launched within an 8-12 week period. Our team is skilled and geared towards developing your new website in a streamlined process. However more detailed sites with more complex coding, or with large numbers of products or pages can extend this build time. But the greatest influence to this process is the preparedness of the client to invest their time in the process and respond in a timely manner  – that means answering email requests for more information, providing approval on each stage of the process when requested and having business collateral such as images and text ready and available for inclusion on the sites. Don’t worry we understand how daunting this can be and we are here to help with each phase – we have information sheets to guide you and team members ready to give advice.

Website Editing

    I’m too busy to keep my website up to date – can you help?

    Yes we’d love to help because we know the importance of keeping a website up to date and relevant. We know for some businesses they’d rather invest their time working on and in their business and not acquiring a new skill such as website editing. If this is the case we can add and edit content on your site on an hourly basis or arrange a regular fee for regular updates.

    Can I add or edit things on my website when it’s completed?

    A big YES. Your website is built on the most user friendly platform to ensure you will be able to manage your own website – not only that but we provide you with a one hour training session in our office to ensure you have editing knowledge and understand your way around your website. There are also video tutorials on editing your website in the dashboard of your website as well as ongoing editing support from the Web Wizards team if your website is hosted with us.