Full Branding Packages


Do you want to reflect a feeling or ethos to your customers?

Having consistent professional branding is a great way to show this to potential clients. What people want when they are looking for goods and services is consistency and quality, and when you present your business to them, this is what you want to show.

Here at Web Wizards, we offer the full branding package, which includes a logo design and a range of print material that will wow you and your customers, as well as Social Media Branding, Digital Marketing and complete branding solutions. Creating a complete set of marketing materials means that you have consistency throughout your promotions and saves you having to rush around at the last minute for different types of printed and digital branded business types.

We also offer printing services, where along with our Graphic Designer we can supply the best quality, affordable and professional print on a range of bespoke and luxury stocks from our suppliers in Perth.

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Professional Logo Design


A professional logo is critical to your ongoing business image. It sets the tone for how your business will be seen, so that customers can connect immediately – they know what type of business you are and, importantly, connect to the style of business. Your logo reflects all of these things – you can be corporate or casual, funky or conservative, funny or serious. When considering your logo you need to think of its applications. Where will it be seen? Do you need it just for stationary and business cards? A sign for your car or a billboard sign on your building?

We understand that when you buy branding packages, you want proven professionals who will reflect the exact philosophy of your brand through expert techniques. That is exactly what we provide, and our one-to-one services have already helped many businesses create a brand identity. We stand out from our competition because we do not provide a template service. We understand that every business is different and that when you hire someone to create a brand logo design, you want something that speaks volumes.

That is why our business branding package is fully designed to work around your immediate needs, as well as the needs of your business, so you can get a personalised service that will put your brand on the map.


See our branding portfolio for some examples.


Corporate Identity


Do you want to reflect the brand of your company to your customers but you are having problems with how to start. Do you want to reflect a feeling or ethos to your customers?

Branding is one of the most important elements of a company, it’s more than just a logo. You need something that not only represents who you are as a business but something that relates with your target market and becomes an identity that is immediately recognised and trusted. We create brands that last the test of time through careful research, marketing analysis, concept designs, colour theory and attention to detail.

Our brand management and brand creation service are fully designed to convey your company to your customers, showing them what you have to offer as well as showing them what you can do for them. Customers nowadays want consistency and quality, and now it is more important than ever to show this through your brand.

Here at Web Wizards, we have complete branding packages available that contain everything you need to build your brand today. We can do everything, from logo design to printed material and so much more, so it doesn’t matter whether you want branding packages for small businesses or whether you want re-branding for your existing business, we can do it all here at Web Wizards.


Click here to take a look at our Branding Portfolio

Logo & Branding FAQ’s

Can you provide a logo, style guide and other graphic design support?

Yes, because we have our own designers, we can not only design logos but we design packaging, business cards, flyers, signs and a lot more.

What is a branding style guide?

A style guide is a graphic brand statement. It is used for future marketing of your brand whether on signs, or packaging. It provides font names, sizes and colour codes for RGB and CMYK printing. We also include a range of file types such as ai, eps, jpg, pdf, tiff and gifs