A great website is one of the most important tools in the business toolbox. An investment in your website is returned many times over.

So how much should you pay for a website? We like to pose this question. How much does a car cost? It’s hard to know unless you know what type of car you want and the same applies to a website. We’re not avoiding the question, we just need a  little more info. To give you the most accurate price on creating your website there are many factors to consider. We need to know what you want to be included on your new site.

For example is it an information site or do you need an e-Commerce solution? Do you need multiple contact forms or complex forms? Do you need payment calculations and methods on your site? Do you need specialised shipping of your products? Do you need a team page you can easily edit and update? Do you need an online appointment booking system? Do you have your branding sorted out – that is do you have a logo and colours, fonts and style already chosen?

The list is endless of the functionality and design that can be built into your website to make it unique and to streamline your business. So that’s why it is a little difficult give a set price off the bat. To give you a rough idea you could say that a price for a simple, basic no bells or whistles, limited pages would start at about $1500. Would we recommend getting a $1500 website – well no, but we could do it and maybe that is your first step solution into an online presence?

We suggest that you set a budget somewhere in the $3,000 – $6,000 range for a fully customised, uniquely designed, responsive website that is built with robust code by our Perth team.

But perhaps more importantly speak to us first – really nut out what you need in your website to attract and convert customers – that is the real worth and cost of a website. Yes, you can pay a lot less for a website (one that is probably a template and most likely built overseas) but in the long run, will it cost you money, not make you money? And also beware – you can pay a LOT more for a website – we have many customers with many frustrating stories of how they paid exorbitant amounts of money for something Web Wizards would have built for half the cost and produced a far better product.

We think you’ll find us very reasonable people so please discuss your budget with us – your website can be paid for in stages and we can even work out payment instalment plans for you. We want you to have the best website possible for a fair price.

Why not make an enquiry – you can discuss your needs with one of our friendly team and then we can recommend solutions. From there we can give you a no obligation quote.

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