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Web Wizards have been providing successful professional website design, web development, website hosting and marketing services for 13.5 years to the Joondalup area. Business owners rely on Google to be found online in order to provide sales that grow their business.

We help local businesses to be found by their potential customers and thrive in this digital world If you aren’t being found online, you are invisible!

Web Wizards provides a range of search engine optimisation services and Adwords Management to increase your business. If you are looking for a local team to work with, who will talk to you at your business or in our office, then Web Wizards are the people to call (08) 9350 9392.

There is plenty of free parking, unlike city agencies and of course we actively listen to what you want to achieve and plan accordingly for your success and of course a free coffee is guaranteed!

Website Design for Perth’s Northern Suburbs

Web Wizards specialise in the design and development of fantastic websites for businesses throughout Western Australia. With 10 years’ experience and over 1000 websites created you can be sure that our team of locally based staff can help your business gain a foothold in the online world.

We focus on providing fully customised websites that are specifically designed to fit your needs. Each of our websites are made responsive so that they will display correctly on whichever device your customer is viewing it from and you can rest easy once your website is live as we will be here to support you to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

By tailoring the website to your business, we can direct your customers to key areas of your website. If you are running a business that may mean generating a lead from a phone call or online contact form, or you may simply be looking to reduce your facetime with customer enquiries by providing information and FAQ’s.

Whatever your desired outcome is you can be sure that we can help you find a way to make it a reality. If you would like to find out how we can help you please call on (08) 9350 9392.

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Business Branding, Logo’s and Graphic Design

Web Wizards is passionate about helping businesses by creating brilliant, one of a kind company logos and branding packages. Whether you are a new start up business or just in need of a freshen up of an older tired logo we are here to help you.

Your company logo and branding is the face of your business and is generally the first thing your customers will see when they view your business either online or in the real world. Getting this right can be a big step toward how your business is viewed by potential clients. For some more information on this please check out our video and see our designer in action

  • Our Graphic Design Services
  • Business Logo and Branding
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Printed Stationary
  • Business Cards
  • Advertising flyers and posters
  • Vehicle and Building Signage
  • Merchandise and Gifts
  • Digital Banners
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E-commerce and Online Shopping Carts

Looking to sell your stock online? An E-commerce website may be exactly what you need. Web Wizards create our E-commerce websites on the WordPress platform using WooCommerce shopping cart software. Both WordPress and WooCommerce are ranked throughout the world as one of the best combinations for online sales and are used by not only Web Wizards but top agencies around the globe.

We can connect your E-commerce website with many widely used platforms such as:

  • All Major Banks
  • Paypal
  • CRM Systems
  • Australia Post
  • Major Freight Companies
  • WooCommerce Integrations
  • Quickbooks
  • Xero
  • Trade Gecko
  • Fishbowl
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Responsive Website and Design Applications

You may have heard developers throwing around the words “Responsive Website Design”, but what exactly does that mean? A responsive design means that your website will be displayed correctly when viewed on almost any device imaginable. This means that your consumers can use any device whether it be a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer and your website will automatically adjust itself to fit the screen. With current statistics showing that more people access websites from mobile devices than desktops you need to ensure that your customers are seeing the best version possible of your website so that you are able to capture their attention and imagination.

To understand why having your website designed responsively is so important, you should consider the user experience for your customers. Let’s imagine that you are out and about and need to view a website from your mobile phone, consider these two scenarios.

The first website is basically a scaled down version of a desktop website. It has small text that is very hard to read and that makes it hard to navigate your website to obtain the information that you are searching for. Sure, your customers can pinch their fingers on the screen to zoom in and out but this severely lowers the overall experience.

The second website is specifically designed to be responsive on mobile devices. IT’s easy to use and all information is presented well and is easy to read. Images and large text are used as click throughs to internal pages and your phone number is clickable so they can contact you easily. Which website would you prefer?

This is a pretty easy choice for most people, they will choose the website that is easier to use. The easier you make it for your customers to find what they need and contact you then the higher your conversion rate will be. The number one objective of your website should be conversion and a responsive website is your first step toward a successful website.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Having your website rank well on Google searches is vital in a successful business. There is nothing worse than your customer not being able to find you online. If you can be found easily and with relevant searches, then this will ensure a steady flow of business enquiries and phone calls. Having a constant stream of enquiries will allow an amount of reliability within your business that means you can focus on growth.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) involves optimising Google maps as well as Google search results. This is managed by a mix of video optimisation, social media activity and reputation management.

As one of Perth’s leading Search Engine Optimisation companies we can be sure that your website will appeal to Google and reliably show up on the first page of relevant Google searches so that your customers will have no trouble finding your business. To find out more about how SEO can help your business grow please call us on (08) 9350 9392

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Google Adwords Management

Google Adwords is a great way to drive customers to your website. Google is the biggest provider of ads online and generate millions of hits per day. Google Adwords can be managed by Web Wizards for any business, on any budget. Google have a dominant position for online marketing and the first results on any search term are available for you today. If you would like some help getting some more visitors to your website then please call us to discuss your needs.

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Local Website Hosting

Many businesses don’t consider just how important their website hosting can be to the performance of their business. A quality web host provider can not only help your search engine results and page speed but also provide extra security and peace of mind for your website. Most cheap hosting companies will use shared overseas servers that may be used by many hosting companies all over the world. The downside to server sharing is only noticed when something goes wrong with your website, how do they pinpoint where the issue originated form when there are so many companies to deal with and if they do track down the source how then do they efficiently rectify the issue? This is one of the reasons that Web Wizards use our own dedicated servers that are hosted locally within Australia.

We offer premium web hosting on secure Australian servers at a very reasonable cost. Our server company provide us with 24/7 monitoring and support which allows us to deal with problems as soon as they arise. All of our websites are back up daily so we can restore your site to the latest backup with minimal impact to your business.

Keeping your website online and functioning immensely important and a quality hosting provider will ensure minimum downtime. Web Wizards uses Australian servers that are operated by an award winning Australian company that are renowned for service and reliability. They provide us with a dedicated server and maintain the infrastructure to guarantee us and our clients an ongoing continuity of service. All of this means that you can rest easy knowing your website is in good hands.

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Custom Website and Software Development

Web Wizards are specialists in creating websites that require custom programming or software. These websites generally come about when a company has a specific business need or a creative idea that they would like to build on. We use our in house team to customise your project so that we can save you time and money by automating processes into your website development. We work closely with you and your business so that you can be sure you are getting exactly what you need to succeed.

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