Logos and Branding

Do You Need Logos and Branding for Your Business?

It is often something that new businesses think is unimportant but it is the basis that you build your business on.

Your logo is what identifies your business in a marketing sense from your competitors.
Think of businesses that that are readily identified by the brand. McDonalds and KFC come to mind.
This is ultimately where you need your branding to progress. You want people to see your brand and know without thinking which company it is.

Branding packages are not limited to logos but can include compliments slips, letterheads, car signage, flyers,uniforms and  brochures.

We can provide the artwork and printing for all of these no matter what you need.

See a brochure example by clicking the Web Wizards brochure link. Most businesses require at least a flyer or brochure on top of the business branding.

Here is an interesting video on some car manufacturers logos and their meaning.

You can see the logos information page on the website for more detailed information regarding branding and logos and what you can expect.

Here are some well known international logos.

Logo examples to give you ideas

Here are some logos from international companies that you may be familiar with.


Web Wizards Logo