Are you searching for information about nature and wildlife you can encounter in Perth WA? When it comes to watching nature and wildlife, you should remember that you benefit a lot. For instance, you get to know the attractions that Perth offers. Another reason to consider going outdoors is that you relax your mind from the daily routine and improve your blood pressure. Perth, Western Australia is one favorite destination for thousands of visitors from around the world and locals. For instance, the center of Perth offers you several beautiful parks with plenty of fantastic nature and wildlife. This post looks at these attractions in detail.

Kangaroos – Heirreson Island

One reason that makes people visit Perth is that it’s the only city with Kangaroos living in the downtown. It’s a beautiful sight watching them on the backdrop of the Perth skyline. However, you should remember that these kangaroos are wild, meaning there is no guarantee that you will encounter them at any given time. The best tour guides will try their best to look for them, while not disturbing the beautiful environment. Another nature and wildlife sight you can expect are dolphins swimming between the downriver and ocean.

Treetop Walk – Kings Park

Do you want to enjoy the best view of Perth city? King Park’s Treetop Walk provides you with the best views of Perth city. For instance, you will enjoy a stunning view of Perth with the Swan River in the foreground and the Darling ranges in the background. Remember that one benefit of watching beautiful nature and scenes is that you relax your mind, which enables you to enjoy health benefits.

Dolphins – Swan River Perth

As you relax on the park benches that overlook the peaceful Swan River, you will enjoy watching dolphins. That’s as your guide shares you the story behind the statue located on the Heirreson Island. Remember that you can also enjoy boat tours on the Swan River, which means there are many activities to enjoy in Perth. However, make sure you plan your budget estimates and choose tour packages that will ensure you enjoy viewing both wildlife and nature on your visit.

Black Swans

Another of the best types of wildlife you’ll encounter in Perth is the Black Swans, which are found in the Queens Garden. If it’s in the season, you will love viewing the beautiful cygnets at play. You can choose to relax on the park bench, which will enable you to enjoy incredible nature around this English Garden.

Other attractions that will make you feel relaxed is the 500 meters walk past the Gloucester Park and WACA, which are traditional homes to horse trotting and cricket in Perth since the 1800 century. You can then choose to connect with the incredible Swan River, which is just a few meters away (around 500 meters of walking).


The above informative article on nature and wildlife you can encounter in Perth, Western Australia should make you consider visiting this city. Make sure you plan your budget estimates and contact the best tour agency to help you arrange your visit.


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