On-Page Seo And Your Website

In this mini article we have provided a little checklist of what you should check for on your when you are going over your “On-Page Seo”. It is very important to do this regularly if you are planning on crushing your competition and going up the google ranks faster. Why ? Because if your On-Page Seo is not optimised the backbone of your SEO is gone.


First and foremost some of the more important “on-page” seo factors we will cover include the following:


  • Page titles
    • Meta-descriptions
        • Keyword in page url
          • High quality fresh content
            • No misspellings or errors


Page Titles are seen as very important in seo, and definitely have been proven to help you rank higher in the google index. So we have put together some information and tips on how to construct your page titles. Search engines will ignore any characters after a certain amount of characters being used in your title. For google we recommended using anywhere from 50-60 characters in your titles. After this you risk the chance of your title being cut. We also suggest your most important factor in creating a page titles is that you generally just create a good title that represents the content you are producing.


Meta-description is not as quite important to search engines as it is converting organic traffic from what visitors and clients see on search engine result pages. Meta description is generally a brief little description about what the page is under the page title on SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages). It ultimately gives you the chance to do a little bit of marketing and advertisement to give a visitor a reason to view your website. When writing your Meta-Description, your number one focus is to write a compelling ad that will draw people to your site. Use keywords that represent what it is you are selling or blogging about (remember not too many though!). Try and keep it around 160 characters, as this will give you the right size for your meta-description to fit correctly into the given area. If have you have multiple pages that show up on the serps for a certain keyword, make sure your meta description is not duplicated and use variation! Remember this is just more of a chance for you to explain your site in more depth.


There is not too much detail to go into with this one but keywords in a page url is quite important as urls hold one of the highest dominance in ranking factors for keywords. Research has proven that keywords in a page url ranking will help you rank higher!


High Quality content is something that all search engines love! By this we mean, produce your own unique high quality content that is engaging to your readers! Google absolutely loves unique content as it shows more authority as a page , when the webmaster is putting in nice clear informative text that has not been copied and pasted from elsewhere.


Poor grammar and spelling mistakes can affect a users experience on a website making it very tedious and will eventually jeopardise the amount of time that a user spends on your site. When users spend less time on your site that has plenty of content, it will drop your ranking as Google will start to question why people are leaving so soon, when there is meant to be so much more to do on there.
On-page Seo is a great way to boost your rankings when used correctly! So use it to your advantage as much as you can and remember more effort and time leads to a bigger reward.

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