Wife Life

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Wife Life is a luxury and celebrity-cultured boutique women’s fashion range. Picking out the best in celebrity fashion and social trends, Wife Life takes the glitz and glam of the showbiz world’s fashion elite, taking designer fashion styles and re-working them to create boutique clothes at high street value. Step into the world of affordable luxury apparel.

Wife Life Display Mock Up


Wife Life’s ethos was about creating a boutique clothing outfit that whilst representing a glamorous, luxurious and current fashion, also gave its customers great value and the experience to buy celebrity inspired fashion at high-street value. With a target market that was aimed at young female professionals, we wanted to create a brand that was immediately relatable in today’s market. With Instagram recently becoming the world’s biggest fashion blog, it seemed an appropriate place to start, not only with the marketing but to also cement our brand with the current trends of the hashtag and socialite hype. Using the hashtag, enabled us to immediately connect with Wife Life’s target audience in the simplest of ways. Sticking with a colour palette of black, white, gold and the growingly popular ‘Rose-Gold’, we created a look that took the Hollywood inspired art deco aesthetic and mixed it with bold, striking and deliberate block colour, creating a brand that was not only current but immediate and more importantly, recognisable. Using the diamond icon in the text logo hints at luxury and gives the brand a elegance echoed throughout its branding.

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