1. Meet & Collaborate

We can come to you or you can meet us in our office over a coffee. This is where we start the process of understanding your business needs and translating them to an online presence.

We understand that building you a website or developing an online marketing strategy is a critical factor for your success. We don’t just want to build you a pretty website (although we’re pretty darned good at that), we want to help build your business. We do that by talking to you and finding out what your business is about, what your goals are and seeing how we can align that knowledge to your new website or marketing.

If you come to our office you will meet our team of passionate people – we are a friendly bunch who like and respect each other and our clients, and we always strive to do the best quality of work. You’ll see that we are local – all design and development is done in-house so we not only have a chance to collaborate with you but each other as we discuss best solutions.

But don’t be fooled, beneath our friendly, calm demeanour lies the beating heart of web warriors – our skills honed over years of not only online marketing and development but many years as business owners and builders – we KNOW how important this is.


2. Wireframe & Design

Our in-house graphic designer builds the framework and design from your ideas focusing on creating an exciting website design. This is a critical part of the process – this is where design ideas need to translate into how your website will function and how visitors can navigate or be directed to pages you want them to view most.

You can look at this phase of the process as you would getting a house plans done – how many rooms do you want, where are you going to put the windows and doors, how many bathrooms, what building materials to use, what colours etc. This is where an architect shows you how the home will look on completion – if this process didn’t happen it can be costly to change your mind and start moving rooms and windows around after it is built.  The same applies for a website – the wirefaming gives a visual blueprint of the website’s functionality and the design, user flow, layouts, and so, so much more.

Once the flow of the website is decided the important design phase can begin. This is where the designer will take your ideas and existing branding and incorporate them into a vision of how your website will look. The aim is to make the site reflect the style and ethos of your company and incorporate branding and be engaging, targeting your market.

3. Code & Create

The technical and building phase begins – our developers now transform design into beautiful code ensuring your website functions as you and the designer intended. Once coding is completed your all important content is added to finalise this stage.

These 2 steps in the process require collaboration. Firstly the designer hands over the website design in Photoshop format to the developer. They meet and discuss every aspect of the design to ensure the website vision is translated into a well coded website with all the expected functionality and matching the approved design exactly?

The second step begins once the developer has completed coding. This is where we take the content you’ve supplied, that is text about your business and the related images, and add them to pages, laying them out in a way that is continuous with the design and easy for the viewers to follow. Regular communication with you, our client, during this phase is vital. Here we fine tune any last content details to make sure the completed website meets and hopefully exceeds expectations.

To help our clients with the content phase we provide support by providing a content brief before the website is designed. This will guide you to what is required and give suggestions on good content. If this task seems too daunting we also have access to content writers and stock photos to guarantee a professional result.


4. Test & Fine Tune

A website is made up of thousands of lines of code – we test the functionality before making your website live using our extensive checklist system.

Our checklist system requires comprehensive testing, checking and configuring of the website, working through a pre-live and a post-live list of standards that need to be achieved.

  • Elements like responsiveness are checked to ensure the website is working on mobile devices;
  • Google Analytics are installed so the website traffic can be tracked by the client;
  • Security plugins are installed to keep your website as safe as possible from spammers and hackers;
  • We check on all current, popular browsers to verify viewabilty and a further comprehansive list of checks and balances.

At this stage we can make minor adjustments as well – as we view and go over every page, image, form and function of your site we can assess the usability and tweak for the best function and performance. We do Google speed tests which analyzes the content of a web page and then generates suggestions to make that page faster on the site to improve  such as optimising images.

5. Launch & Live

This phase is the most anticipated – seeing your website live on the net. We know the end result will be a website to boast about and will give results.

A completed website means Web Wizards has coded the site as per the approved design, added all the supplied content and tested the functionality.

Pre-launch we will get you to go over your completed new site on our development blog.  This is for a two-fold reason – firstly to ensure that you are happy with the final result and the website matches the design that was approved in the second phase of the process; secondly you then give final approval for the website to be launched and live.

Perhaps you have a launch date in mind – we can hold off until that date. You might want to advertise or promote the day via facebook or other social media marketing or via a newsletter to your existing database.

To be made live we firstly duplicate the website making sure we have a backup copy, then upload all the files to the server and link it to your chosen domain name.

Time to crack open the champagne – you’re now live on the net, ready to be found and seen by your potential new customers.

6. Promote & Market

The live website is the beginning of your online presence – there is so much more that can be done to get your website front and centre on Google. Your live website is your shop front – but if you don’t direct people to the shop they’ll never know you’re there unless some extra steps are taken.

We include on your website Google Analytics and SEO tagging on each page. These 2 things will give you a small leg up as far as Google is concerned – that is it helps your important key words and phrases to be indexed by Google. The analytics can help you track the web traffic, that is how many people visit your website, how long they stay on the site and where the traffic is coming from.

There are many paths to getting your website on the front page of Google searches, each with their own merit and costs.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation produces best long term results as potential customers find your website through targeted searches. This is an investment well worth making – we encourage this to be part of your marketing budget – this will out perform nearly every other R.O.I. (Return On Investment)

Google Adwords – This can be part of your marketing campaign often producing quick results when well thought out and managed. Although long term SEO will provide the best results Adwords are a great adjunct to it – we can help guide you in the often tricky world of Adwords management.

Social Media Marketing – Think of how much time people spend on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram, and the list goes on. If you want to join in the social conversation and get your message across with potential clients Web Wizards can investigate and discuss with you whether this suits your market segment.