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How do you create a brand? You start with a logo. This is the first point of recognition and response for most people. A logo can tell much about a business in an instant – colours can evoke trust or excitement, fonts can say conservative or progressive, icons can indicate the core product or service. And a logo is the starting point for a website design – it needs to marry in style and branding to make a cohesive representation of your business.

The first step is for us to supply you with a branding/logo brief to get the feel of what is required and your preferences. Our designer will then supply you with some logo options he has created from the branding/logo brief and the consultative process of refining happens until you choose the final logo design. The logo design then gives flavour and form to other aspects of your business branding such as business card designs, signage, what colours and fonts you would use in advertising as well as of course the direction of your website design.

If you want an individual, professional image for your company the first, most important step is to invest in your logo – we offer affordable unique designs. Don’t underestimate the power of your logo – be recognised and be remarkable.

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