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With now over 400 websites designed and developed by our team we are proud to present some of our  most recent designs for some happy clients. These websites were built after careful consultation and consideration of our clients business goals, branding, market and design aesthetics. We create and build all these unique web designs in Perth with our team of passionate experts and dare we say ‘geeks’. This means your new website will look fresh, stand apart from your competitors and reflect what your company stands for.  Your website will be distinctive because it is not a clone or replica or a templated design, it’s a one-off design and specific code to make it YOUR website.

We also like to make the process of producing your website as easy as possible for you – you will be communicating directly with the team doing the work. We also use an innovative visual system during the design process that streamlines the communication. Your designs are uploaded to an online Vision Board – from there you can make comments and change requests on the actual design which is then relayed to the designer. This means you can assess and comment at any time that it suits you day or night. You can give and get feedback in an interactive environment which means the design can progress more rapidly.

Web Wizards wants our clients to be more than satisfied with their new website. That’s why we work with you proactively to find best solutions and ease of UX (User Experience). We make sure your potential customers love your website, it’s easy for them to use, it’s fully responsive (can be viewed easily on any computer or mobile device) and works on all current popular browsers.

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