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Mobile Website Versus a Responsive Site

Some of you may have heard of responsive design and wondered what it is? In simple terms the website adjusts to device that it is displayed on and is therefore called responsive web design. I get asked frequently what is the difference between a mobile website and a responsive design. Some web designers try to short cut creating a responsive design by simply adding in a mobile website plugin.

This tends to create a horizontal menu that covers up the top part of the mobile and looks unlike the original website. On a tablet or ipad it still displays as a smaller version of the desktop web design.

A responsive website on the other hand will keep all the design and features of the original desktop version and change all the components to fit, whether it is a mobile iphone, android mobile or tablet or ipad or laptop.

To see this in action click on our responsive website with a mobile phone, ipad or laptop.

I have been asked whether a responsive design will be negatively affected in the search results. Oh contrare!

I have included  a video below by Matt Cutts from Google.

As you can see from the video there is no negative affects in the SEO but there is a big difference in the conversion rate for your customers.

A conversion rate is the number of people who call or contact you as a percentage of visitors to your website.

For example if 100 people visited your website and 20 people contacted you, your visitor to contact conversion rate from your website would be 20%

Great Responsive designs, such as the ones offered by Code and Visual, ensure that customers see the largest version of your images and text possible on whatever device you use and help in the vistor conversion process.

For more information on our responsive website designs see our information page.

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