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It was inevitable. It was provocative. Now it is a fundamental necessity. If you are running a business, it is imperative that you have a virtual presence as well as a physical appearance. However, there is the sole issue that prevents many businesses from attending online, and that is the cost of hiring a web developer. The expense is a matter that is always in the forefront but what if a website builder was available for you to create your own website, your blog or an e-Commerce store? And what if, with that website builder, you were at liberty to choose your own design without having to learn all the technical aspects that is the natural language of a web developer? What if the web hosting, coding, and mobile-friendly websites were all taken care of for you?

Such magic exists and it was only a matter of time before it appeared. Mozello gives you scope to create modern, feature-rich and seriously attractive websites in just a matter of, well maybe just a click more than a few clicks.

So What is Mozello?
It sounds like some delectable cheese you’d purchase from the dairy case in the supermarket, but Mozello is a direct and efficient website builder that assists you to create your own websites. With all the necessary mod-cons Mozello is able to deliver a website for an online store, a blog or a landing page without too much preamble. And it won’t spit out several websites at once. It leaves you with full control so that you can remove a block or a page if you wish.

Pertinent points of Mozello are:

  • Mozello allows you to assemble websites within minutes.
  • Using Mozello creates fully receptive, mobile-friendly websites that adjust to all screen sizes.
  • Mozello is multilingual with quintessential SEO features.
  • There is always documented technical support available.
  • Mozello is ad-free across all plans.
  • You don’t need to be technically savvy to use Mozello.

Mozello offers Free, Premium and Premium Plus plans. Note: All plans support mobile devices and while all assist in setting up your website, social media integration, SEO and support for Google Analytics, access to HTML code is also available.

The Free Plan is free, and you receive 500 MB of storage with which you are able to create an online store with 10 items. However, you must also run with the Mozello link in the footer. You are also required to use a sub-domain for your site such as It is here you try before you buy; a great option to figure out whether it’s a good fit or not.

The Premium Plan allows you 50 GB of storage with an option to include up to 100 items in your online store. You are given the ability to map your custom domain without links to Mozello leaving your site free of logos. This cost is $7 per month.

The Premium Plus Plan is everything from the Premium Plan with unlimited storage. You’re able to add as many products as you wish to your online store and with this kind of freedom, $14 per month is an exceptional value.

Ease of Operating Mozello
Once you login to your Mozello account, you can choose the design from provided templates you wish to work with and you also have the option to change your selection. You’ll then be able to access the customisation and editing options using a frontend live editor. With a click on the relevant section, you’re free to edit, add a new font or colour and everything is accessible with just a few clicks. The sidebar on the left offers guidance with links to the relative sections making an easy transition into the world of web design.

You have the opportunity to add content in the form of a blog or news to your site and while you do not see any mention of comments when live editing, when you click on the settings of your blog, you will find a field to add your Disqus short name and integrate Disqus comments. Very innovative.

While in the settings panel, you can specify the favicon for your website as well as Google Analytics tracking ID, and you’ve got the option to change your account settings. If you’re an HTML fanatic, you also have the option to add custom code.

On the whole, creating a website, editing, tweaking and getting it to your tastes and requirements is as easy as if you were a website developer yourself. While using Mozello you don’t need to be technically enhanced; just have a plan in place, and away you go.

Mozello is user-friendly and can execute all required tasks, saving you time. It is more than cost efficient when you have the ability to code and build your own website. Bearing in mind you still require a host for your site and if you want a package in one place, spend an extra $14, and you have unlimited storage with Mozello.

So if you need to be up and running with an operating online store for your business, Mozello might just be the website builder to do it. It is a practical solution and one that might just save the bacon when your clients are looking for you online.

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