The Importance Of Keywords In SEO.

There are two reasons for for the importance of keywords in seo.

  1. Use of a proper keyword will generate you more traffic.
  2. Optimise your blog/website keywords correctly and you will zoom through the ranks of google.

Most people learn “SEO” on their own accord and when they do they get pumped with information on why keywords are so important and why they should be optimised correctly. Well in this article we hope to break it down a little more basic for you to understand the simple concepts of keywords in seo.


Basically if you have been blogging or updating your website regularly for a longer period of time, you will more than likely find that traffic is coming to your website from search engines that have picked up on your posts. What does this mean ? Well it means that you have probably been doing something correctly without knowing.


To start off I would like to define two of the most common types of keyword types for you.

  1. Short-tail keywords – These types of keywords generally range from 2-3 words and link together. For example. “Perth Web Design” “Local Bakery”
  2. Long-tail keywords – These will more than often involve more words in them and range from 4 or more words. For example. “Where to find web design perth”


Now you understand what a keyword is we can talk about things with a little less confusion. When we are putting our posts and webpages together we have options to optimise our websites for “certain keywords”. Search engines have become smarter and are able to pick up on your keywords you are focusing. Getting to this point though involves a little bit of what we call in the industry “keyword research” this is a very important part of seo, so we will not be able to cover the whole concept in this article, but we will give some pointers in the right direction.


But how do I know what keywords to research ? Well there are plenty of tools and information on the internet, but now we will give you the basic rundown on how to do your keyword research.

Most importantly you need to find keywords that relate to you topic or niche.


For example; You own a bakery in Perth and are doing keyword research. Well you would want to find a mixture of long tail and short tail keywords that associate with that niche, there is no point of using keywords such as “dog” for a bakery website, as people will find the wrong information and not come back. This will ultimately hurt your brand and your ranking in seo.


One of the most common tools to use for your keyword research is: Google Keyword Planner.

Here we have link a more detailed article on keyword research.


They are very useful tools to do your keyword research with especially while you are learning.


Keyword density is another issue newer people may face while coming into the seo industry. This basically means the amount of times you use a keyword per certain amount of words. Different seo professionals will tell you different about what the percentage should be , as their is no real correct percentage known. Generally you should keep your density down below 2% though. Keyword stuffing can really hurt your seo and ranking so this is another great topic to do some research on. So try and remember no more than 2% of keywords used for overall content.
This is a very brief article into the world of seo so we suggest heading over to “MOz” and checking out the beginner guide there.  We hope it has explained the importance of keywords being implemented into your website and blog.

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