Top 10 Shopping Cart Plugins for Your Website

Now You Can Have The Pick Of 10 Of The Choicest Shopping Cart Plugins For Your WordPress Website

If you’re running an online business, your first port of call before you even launch your WordPress website is to ensure you’ve chosen a shopping cart plugin. Not just any plug in but one that will be an experience your customers will enjoy.

It’s not just a matter of choosing a plug in either. It’s a decision that will either deliver your desired results, or it will chase potential customers away.

A faulty or poorly designed plugin will never fail to encourage shoppers to shop somewhere else, and that’s a fact.

Present-day cart plugins not only hold products for your customer while they opt to continue shopping, but they also offer them a subtotal and an option to delete an item or increase the quantity.

This article will introduce 10 of the choicest shopping cart plugins that are all capable of accommodating these attributes and just that little bit more.

It’s exciting knowing you’re about ready to launch but you need to know what to look for in a shopping cart plugin for your WordPress website.

Let’s get started with the top 10.

What Really Makes a Shopping Cart Plugin?

All shopping cart plugins enable the sale of products but your WordPress shopping cart plugin although it possesses the same features, have some that are deeply ingrained. And depending on your requirements, these elements do matter.

  • Customisation options
  • Rapid support for payment gateways like PayPal or Stripe
  • An easy to use interface
  • Relevant to your theme

Payment gateway support is imperative. You cannot afford to assume only a few payment gateways will be sufficient. If your plugin doesn’t support as many payment gateways as possible, and that includes absolutely no compromise on features, you could be robbing yourself of valuable custom.

With compatibility, customisation and flexibility which should be your main targets, your theme can offer these with Divi. Divi comprises the Shop module which in turn offers consolidation with WooCommerce and includes the Divi Builder, a front-end editor that enhances the presence of a website.

So now it’s down to what we came here for.

10 of the Choicest Shopping Cart Plugins For Your WordPress Website

It is beneficial to note that some of the popular plugins have deliberately not been included in our top 10. This is due to things we consider important and are lacking. Some plugins just haven’t been updated in quite a while, and given the speed of no-nonsense preferences your customers now have, that lends this list the Choice Picks for Shopping Cart Plugins for WordPress. In no particular sequence, rank or order, we introduce:

1. WooCommerce

This is a highly recommended e-commerce plugin, and as the owner of your store, you have control over what it does. WooCommerce is as flexible as it gets, enabling the sale of digital and physical goods to anywhere in the world while offering access to numerous WordPress extensions.

You can offer your customers instant downloads, recurring subscriptions and memberships and that’s only scratching the surface. You also have the opportunity to offer the sale of affiliate goods. Free shipping options are available, and real-time calculations for payment are provided.

Decisive Elements:

  • Sell and Ship Anything Anywhere
  • More than sufficient Payment Options
  • Free and Premium extensions available
  • You control it for as long as your website lives
  • Loads of Extensions

Price: Free * More Information

2. PayPal Shopping Cart

PayPal is a trusted brand that offers the security of shopping worry free. PayPal Shopping Cart has the ‘Add to’ and ‘View Cart’ button which customers now expect. Payments via PayPal are via debit or credit card, and although the plugin is free, there are transaction fees.

You have the option to adapt the PayPal Pro plugin which gives you basic customisation and access to options for taxes and setting discounts.

Decisive Elements:

  • Supports 25 Currencies
  • Supports 18 Languages
  • Create names for your items
  • Works with any WordPress theme
  • You get a choice of payment URL’s
  • Includes 2 button styles

Price: Free * More Information

3. WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart

WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart offers a conservative shopping cart for your site. The bare essentials enable the sale of physical and digital products with the added ability to include audio, video, PDF’s, images and other necessities.

The WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart has the ‘Add to Cart’ option and is free, but transaction fees apply.

Decisive Elements:

  • Loading times kept to a minimum
  • Sell any tangible products including eBooks
  • Creates discount coupons with expiry date
  • Shows shopping cart with product image thumbnails
  • Language Translation
  • Ability to sell services from your site

Price: Free * More Information

4. eCommerce Shopping Cart

eCommerce Shopping Cart is an up-to-date shopping cart plugin easily integrating with your WordPress website and is redolent of WooCommerce. It allows you to sell physical and digital products together with gift cards.

There are several payment options as well as the option to offer coupons. eCommerce Shopping Cart also includes pre-built widgets ready to integrate and social sharing options for each item. The plugin is a free download, but you do require a license which you can purchase for $50 per site.

Decisive Elements:

  • Accepts PayPal Standard, PayPal Pro, Stripe, Payment Express and a host of others.
  • Supports Languages
  • Global Shipping
  • Tiered pricing, B2B pricing and more.
  • Marketing tools
  • Social Sharing options
  • Integrates eCommerce conversion tracking for orders

Price: From $50 * More Information

5. Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart

A very easy to use plugin Ecwid eCEcommerce Shopping Cart is a worldwide favourite. With support for more than 40 payment options and 45 different languages, it is just about all you need as it stores all your data entirely in the Cloud.

It offers unlimited storage, automatic upgrades, and backups and mobile iOS and Android apps free of charge. Given the convenience, this plugin can turn your device into a Point Of Sale (POS) station.

Decisive Elements:

  • Cloud Storage
  • Support for Facebook
  • iOS and Android apps free of charge
  • More than 40 payment options
  • Secure HTTPS checkout

Price: Free * More Information

6. Cart66

A more than secure option is Cart66 that supports not only digital and physical products but accepts donations, sells music, supports over 100 payment gateways and handles subscriptions. You manage restrictions to access to content on your site, your necessary plugins, SSL certificates and security scans are all included.

Cart66 Cloud will give your customers the option to create an account when purchasing items, so you don’t have to do anything but concentrate on your goods, services and selling. It also includes taxes and discounts at the checkout.

It isn’t free, but does offer a 14-day trial. If you choose to go ahead, the plugin starts at an affordable $9.99 per month.

Decisive Elements:

  • Video Instruction/Tuition
  • Inventory Management
  • Built-in Unlimited Product Catalogue
  • Google Analytics for eCommerce
  • Taxes, Shipping, Coupons and Promotions
  • Offers security and support, including PCI compliance

Price: From $9.99 Per Month *More Information

7. Jigoshop

Streamlined and dynamic, another alternative to eCommerce and redolent of WooCommerce is Jigoshop. With a high level of user control, this plugin is regularly updated and offers loads of fresh features including a large number of extensions that will raise the bar on your store’s performance.

With in-built features to have you set up and trading within minutes you can start shipping physically and digitally and even services mercurially. The plugin is free. However, some extensions have a cost attached.

Decisive Elements:

  • Downloadable or Virtual Products
  • Stock Management and Advanced Reporting
  • Over 100 extensions
  • Offers affiliate product support
  • Store Performance

Price: Free * More Information

8. Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads is an e-commerce plugin focused on digital downloads only. Their mantra states “To simply offer everything you need and nothing you don’t.” Amazon, PayPal, and test payments are supported, and several premium extensions are available to enhance your store further.

Easy Digital Downloads have provided only those plugins you need with nothing further to clutter your site, and you have the easy to use the plugin to complete your sale. It is free, and there is nothing to attract transaction fees.

Decisive Elements:

  • Full purchase history and the ability to re-download files
  • Test Payment Feature
  • Promotional Code System
  • Bundled Products
  • Earnings and Sales Charts
  • Customisable Purchase Receipts

Price: Free * More Information

9. Selz eCommerce Shopping Cart

Selz eCommerce Shopping Cart is for the non-coders and integrates with almost every WordPress theme. With secure download links for all digital items you sell, your store is backed by some free and premium apps which also includes PayPal support.

Selz eCommerce Shopping Cart is free. However, transaction fees do apply which you only pay after you’ve made a sale. No upfront costs, this plugin can be used with any WordPress theme.

Decisive Elements:

  • Free online store
  • Automated download links for digital items
  • Range of free and premium apps including accepting PayPal
  • Secure download options for digital goods
  • Supports one-click selling and sharing for Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook

Price: Free * More Information

10. Ecommerce WD

Ecommerce WD is a non-complex, user-friendly plugin offering a demo, tutorial video and support. It includes smart sorting, filtering, and searching of products saving you time and money and works with PayPal.

You have the ability to set tax and shipping into groups of items, rather than on a product-by-product basis and with a guest checkout feature and social media integration for your products, everything is at your fingertips. Plenty of theme support is there should you need it.

Decisive Elements:

  • Unlimited products and categories
  • Currency and Country set-up
  • Guest Checkout
  • Product Label Display
  • Discounts for individual and grouped products
  • Shipping and Taxes
  • Offers template customisation and social network integration

Price: Free * More Information

Final Thoughts

There are enough plugins here to choose the right one for you. Choosing the wrong one can now be avoided.

With all the basic and premium features each of the above plugins offer, you’re bound to find the one that suits your needs, your products and your store.

With each offering unique features, you’ve got everything at a glance, at your fingertips and in your sights to be launched, up and running in no time flat.

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