Should you Turn Your WordPress into an eBook?

There is much content out there that has the potential to become a very successful eBook and with the right tools you can join the multitudes who have found a rewarding result having done so. We’re going to talk about some of the best eBook plugins WordPress has on offer while looking at some of the reasons why it might be in your best interests to convert your posts into a separate document. How also, you can distribute your eBooks and get your own realm orbiting as you share your expertise.

If you’re a prolific writer, you can get your eBook out from a single PDF right up into the epigraph that is un-put-downable in an EPUB format. Ebooks are written for and distributed to customers as a reward that will in turn reward you. They’re given away as a thank you for completing a call to action, to assist in your market presence, to up your brand ante and to even become a source of income which of course is the ultimate goal.

WordPress has enjoyed the flavours of online publishing and reader devices have been serving readers becoming available offline as well as on. So, we’re going to delve into the world of creating eBooks via WordPress plugins. And whilst we’re there, we’ll talk about techniques that will provide you with the technology to get you started as well as getting your eBook in front of dozens upon dozens of pairs of eyes.

How Can An eBook Assist Your Business?

Having an established eBook that has been published adds credibility to your brand. If it’s a self-published book on Amazon’s Kindle market, you’re able to direct your readers to the published asset which indicates your authority. It’s also a perfect opportunity to let your potential customers ‘get to know you’ before signing with you.

You’re showcasing your expertise in an eBook. Whatever you’re sharing, be it advice or demonstrating your writing skills, an eBook is an ideal source of referrals. This in itself is an entity that can work very well on its own.

You can target your audience and in reverse have an eBook with which your target audience can find and learn from you. There is so much more to eBooks however and so many uses for them.

The Best of “You” You can offer

Whilst your blogs and articles are proving to be popular with your audience, why not turn an eBook into the best of you, with your best content? You’ve got the resources to either give away or sell at a price, the answers to your brand. It’s you you’re introducing in a way that is easily digestible. This is the perfect way to give your customers a little more of what they want at the same time, giving your brand more exposure.

Imagine each time your eBook is downloaded or shared how many people will discover you, your work, your brand, whatever it is you do and with that information at hand, follow you back to your website.

Using an eBook as an intrinsic component of your content marketing strategy will certainly fortify your trade name and in turn develop your audience, not to mention increase your credibility.

OffLine Resources Are a Must

It’s needless to say but said it must be regardless of the fact that the world is now full of mobile internet users. And it’s a growing number. But there are some places where full network coverage isn’t available on a full-time basis.

Apart from that fact, there are people who enjoy reading printed content, there are others who enjoy reading offline.

Growing Your Email List

In a recent article, and many others that have been written, the growing consensus is that you need to give away a free eBook in order to grow your list. It makes sense when your eBook can be used as inspiration to get that call of action, actioned.

If you have a newsletter, you’ve got potential to have your prospective customers to sign up for it.

Once you’re ready to hit the ‘streets’ with your eBooks, you can also find ways of growing your audience by checking out ways to monetise your content.

Tools to Convert Content Into an eBook

Of course, you can create an eBook by copy and paste methods from your WordPress posts and convert them into PDF’s but it’s time-consuming. There are plugins with an inbuilt ability to select your content and combine it into a single document which, depending on the tool you use, can be published as HTML, PDF and EPUB.

You may need to edit and tweak a few things, but once it’s done, your eBook is ready for your customers and your audience. There are WordPress eBook plugins to save you time when you’re putting your document together.


There has been a bit of negative feedback about this plugin, however, it deserves a mention because of its offering of features. This plugin is free and combines multiple pages from the WordPress website exports them as a single PDF and is able to export content in other formats. Turning your WordPress content into an eBook is straightforward with Anthologize which is installed on your site. You create a new project and it becomes your eBook which can have multiple sections, chapters etc which can contain whatever you want from your site.

By displaying a list of the posts and pages on your site, you drag and drop them into the parts of your project and you’re done. With Anthologize you’re able to add standard content from your website and everything you’ve dragged and dropped is easily re-arrangeable.

Anthologize is easy to use, does the job of exporting multiple WordPress posts, articles and pages into a single eBook in PDF or EPUB.


Pressbooks is free or for commercial online services and will convert content into a range of formats. Available also as a WordPress plugin, it turns a WordPress website into an eBook when installed. So, you’ll need to install the plugin on a dedicated WordPress installation and use that site as your eBook creation site which you can do easily.

The free Pressbooks plugin works only on WordPress multisite installations. Otherwise, their online service will be your best option.

How to Deliver Your eBook

Having created your eBook there are ways you can offer it to your audience either via your WordPress website or through a social media platform. You can either give it away or you can see it. Either way, WordPress make it easy to add file attachments to your pages. This approach makes it easier for your visitors to click on a link and download the file. There are plugins available that will allow you to store your downloads in a central location on your dashboard where they can be easily displayed to your visitors. You also have tools so that you can organise, track and display those downloadable files.

Popular and free plugins for file downloads from WordPress include Download Monitor and Download Manager, so check those out to compare.

As A Lead Magnet

Your email list can grow with the use of eBooks so if you’ve got a stockpile of content, re-purpose it and offer it as a lead magnet. If you don’t have the content stockpiled, by all means, write an eBook from the word go with one of the plugins above.

An email marketing service like MailChimp can take care of all your deliveries to your new subscribers and the email optin plugin is your promotion tool for eBook promotion and sign-ups.

Selling Your eBook from WordPress

You have the option to sell your eBook online from your own WordPress website with Easy Digital Downloads which is a free and easy to use eCommerce plugin which is easily extended by installing one of the many add-ons.

Selling Through Third Party Platforms

The first that comes to mind is, of course, Amazon. Listing your eBook on Amazon opens up a whole new realm of readers and buyers. Amazon also offers the option of a printed version of your book as well.

There are pricing strategies with Amazon and if they’re not something that is suitable for you, you might like to consider a service like Gumroad who are more flexible with selling solutions.


There isn’t a lot of time consumed when you’re producing an eBook. Whether it’s a collection of the very best posts you’ve written, or you’re starting from the blank canvas, either way, is exciting. Apart from the fact that eBooks are extremely popular offline as well as online, they’re a great way to bring exposure to your business and for use as marketing tools. If your eBook has a tonne to offer your readers, get it out there.

Introduce yourself, your business and your brand through an eBook. It could just be that element you need to really raise the bar on who you are.

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