Laidback, safe and characterised by kind hospitality offered by the locals, there’s nothing quite like traveling to and experiencing the things to do in Western Australia, Perth.

Featuring influences from the Indian Ocean, this cosmopolitan city sits where the Swan River meets the Southwest coast. Perth is both uniquely Australian and strongly connected to modern international trends.

With a vibrant, live, modern and outstanding natural surrounds, Perth is a hidden gem that is worth exploring. From distinct wildlife, stunning neighboring islands, and a thriving culture, the isolated city in Western Australia is the combination of city life and natural attractions.

If you plan on visiting Australia soon, we’ve compiled a list of top 5 exciting things to do in Perth, Western Australia. The attraction on our list will entail exploring the wonderful beaches, hip wine bars, the spectacular green parks, beautiful colonial architecture and the glittering skyscrapers.

Read on.

1) Chill out or Surf at Perth’s Best Beaches

Engaging in water activities is a pretty obvious activity that every visitor does in Australia-after all, the continent features influences from both the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. With a meager population of 1.67M residents, Perth enjoys less populace and is the perfect place to soak up in the sun, enjoy water activities, and get up close with the dolphins and other marine animals.
Fringed by the Indian Ocean, Perth is home to some of the world’s finest, natural beaches and untouched reefs. One of the most popular beaches is Cottesloe beach. Located in Perth’s western suburbs, this beach sports a stretch of golden sand, making it an ideal choice for swimmers, surfers and snorkelers.

On the same breath, don’t miss on some of Perth’s famous beachside town such as Scarborough beach for a cup of tea at the funky cafes.

2) Enjoy the Spectacular View and Experience of Kings Park

Perth: nature meets city, city meets nature. Hugging the Swan River, Perth is home to many green spaces and boasts of pristine parks and botanic gardens. Regarding city hub areas, no place can compare to Perth Kings Park.

Though the park is historical, it still maintains a modern vibe and is continually getting upgrades, reflective of the city itself.

Kings Park is a shining example of quality city planning done right. While most of the cities worldwide have some botanical garden or a centralised grassed area, Kings Park takes all the ingredients that make such space satisfying and fuses them into a single delightful, well-maintained whole.

King Park offers a unique experience to connect with nature at the heart of the city. From the park, you can easily get a glimpse of the satisfying view on Mt Eliza overlooking the city and the Swan River.

Aside from the riveting panorama, Kings Park is an excellent picnic spot, thanks to the spacious grassy area. Additionally, it is also a perfect place to learn some of Australia historical facts, thanks to the subsections featuring war memorial and plaques dedicated to our Vietnam veterans

To put it simply, visiting the Kings Park is a must thing to do in Perth Western Australia; it
is where everything is enjoyable and a spot where there’s something for everyone.

3) Explore Perth’s Museum and Art

One of the standout features of the city is the modern and indigenous art. Along the coastal beaches of Western Australia is a variety of museums that fuel Perth’s vibrant and fascinating history and covers a gamut of interests.

Developed as the Geological Museum with a collection of geological specimen housed in the old Perth Gola, the Western Australia Museum- one of the popular museums, will enlighten you more about Australia’s west coast with its fascinating local scientific and cultural collection.

Another exciting art center to visit is the Art Gallery of Western Australia that was founded in 1985. This art center will allow you to delve into an extensive collection of both historical and contemporary art.

4) Say Hi, to the Kangaroos

Australia is well-known for the kangaroos, and you can never exhaust your itinerary without visiting the kangaroos.
One of the ideal locations to get up close to the kangaroos is the Heirisson Island. Located right in the main part of the city, and in the middle of Swan River, Heirisson is an unexpected treasure and offers a serene atmosphere to escape from the hectic city life.

Aside from the kangaroos, this island will treat you to a spectacular view of other animals, such as an array of birds.

5) Have a Drink or Two on Perth’s Small Bars

After, a tiresome day and a hot shower, it’s time to hit the Perth’s small bars. In the recent years, the small bar movement has grown substantially, and you’ll be amazed by the number of small bars scattered all over the city and its surrounding suburbs.

Here, you sample some of the exotic wines and taps and get to socialise with the friendly locals.

Next time you visit Perth, ensure that you take up the challenge of engaging in some of the activities above.

Here are the best things to do in Perth