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Online marketing can be confusing. There are so many people out there saying one thing or another.

Clients come into our office thinking that traffic is the only important thing about online marketing. The truth is that more than one component is necessary for success marketing of your website and business. Web design and search engine optimisation work best when done together.

Firstly you need to have a well targeted market in mind before you start.

Then you need to identify what that market needs.

You need to ensure that your website design and function match the needs that you have identified.

Your website needs to be easy for your website visitors to find the aspect of your business that they need when they arrive at the front page and the inside pages need to be more than just filler pages. They need good information and reasons to buy from your company that are compelling.

You need to make it easy for your customer to contact you via phone or a contact page so that they can buy from you.

Where the client needs to visit you, it is best to have a google map where they can get instructions on how to find you.

The truth is that if your website doesn’t convert your website visitors into a lead or a client, then it doesn’t matter how much traffic you send to the website.

I have spoken to clients who have had thousands of visitors to the website, obsessed with search engine optimisation alone. When the visitor arrived they were not impressed, couldn’t find what they wanted or found the website was a waste of their time. Visitors last about 10 secs and hit the back button. So a well designed and functional website twinned with traffic and having met the pre-requisite of appealing to the target audience will always succeed better than a bad website with a lot of traffic or a great website with no traffic. The components on their own are not effective. If you are wondering what search engine optimisation is, I have provided a video that explains it in simple terms.

Video explaining search engine optimisation

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