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What Perth Web Design Companies Should Tell You!

Web Design and the skills of a Web Designer are different to pure graphic design. The simple reason is that we have to ensure that search engines such as Google, can easily read and index YOUR website.

Essentially websites are a trade off between the purely graphic and the need to ensure that your website can be found. Too much graphic and you have a great looking site that no one can find. Too much attention to technical details and you have site that is found in the search engines that no one likes.

Creative Web Designs and Web Development

We find the happy medium that makes your website attractive to prospective customers yet has all the technical “smarts” to make your website a success.

Different Types of Websites To Suit all Types of Businesses

We have a range of websites to suit your needs. Whether you need just a display page, information pages, an e-commerce website, a content management system, custom programming or specialised software, we can help. Click on the Web Design and Development menu at the top of the page to see what type suits your needs and budget.

Google and Website Design

It can be a bit geeky what we are going to say but we think you as a business owner have a right to know!

Regarding website design, Google cannot read the following:-

Flash Websites– Google cannot make subjective decisions about whether a site looks pretty or artistic. Some flash adds to your presentation and a potential customers view of the site, but a full flash website would make it very difficult to be found in the search results unless it was hugely popular and had many websites linking back to it.

Videos– Videos can be an important part of your website design but if your page was video only, then google can only view the name of the video as an indication, not its content.

Website Images – Web Designers use “alt tags” to tell Google what a picture is about but it cannot appreciate its beauty.

Web Page Design and What Google Views

Each page on a website is indexed or stored in Google’s database. It has 80 high functioning computers that crawll the internet constantly. It ranks each individual page rather than a website. This is important because you need to ensure that every page is properly “tagged” so that it can be read, indexed and stored in a format that gives you a chance of receiving a search result when people type a phrase or word into Google’s search box.

Web Design and On Page Factors

We ensure that every page on your website is individually tagged for its particular topic. This includes the following:-

* Title Tags
* Description Tags
* Keyword Tags
* Alt Tags for images
* Heading Tags (H1-H6)
* Keywords in your Text

Unfortunately some web designers put the same tags on every page which affects your ability to be found.

Other Web Design Factors That Affect Your Site

Google is one big popularity contest. In simple terms, the more sites that link back to your web pages the higher your website will rank and the more likely it will be found in the results. When your site is starting out this can mean that you will not be found easily. This is why we place your website in local directories and create a Google map everytime we build a website. Your website needs to have a few well ranked sites to give you a vote of confidence to help you along.

Online Traffic Strategy

Building a website is the beginning of the process, not the end. A creative website design means that your visitors will find your company interesting enough to call or email. You need to get visitors to your site however and that can be achieved in a number of ways. Click on the Traffic Generation menu at the top of the page to see the ways we can get traffic and potential customers to your site. It is a critical factor in your online succes, so be sure to read all about it.

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