My Work Experience At Web Wizards

Hi everyone, my name is Benjamin Duncombe and I am currently a student at Edith Cowan University, where I study a Bachelor of Computer Science. During this semester I was very lucky to gain work experience with Web Wizards, it has allowed me to explore new concepts within the web industry and teach me valuable skills that I will be able to use throughout my career.

While I have been doing my work experience at Web Wizards, my main area of focus has been in the SEO department (Search Engine Optimization), where we do a lot of web page optimization for clients websites, so they can show up on search engines. I was very lucky to be shown the world of SEO by a great instructor who always had answers to my questions and was able to explain what was happening at all times in great detail. I learned about how keywords and links play a big part in the sector, and many “thinking outside of the box” techniques, while also being shown the industry basics and standards. During my time here I also got to learn the back-end of websites and even had a chance to make a fair few of them!

All of the staff are highly professional and are great at what they do. Not only my instructor but also the rest of the staff have been able to help me with any questions or tasks I have needed help with, even stuff that I was just curious about. I have been given many different tasks to work with and some to figure out on my own accord, but I have found they have all been very relevant to what I will need in the future for my career.

Before I started at Web Wizards I wanted to find experience that would provide me with the confidence in the things I learn, fortunately Web Wizards has provided exactly that and allowed me to adapt to the industry and the responsibilities that are required to be successful at what you do.

I would like to say thank you to Web Wizards for the opportunity they have given me and a thank you for a step into the industry.

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