Customised Website Development

While every website we make has customised coding, many companies have very specialised requirements and need solutions that are very specific. When you have an idea for a great online business but don’t know exactly how it would work, that’s when you contact us. Through multiple stages of discussion and consultation, we get your idea so refined you wouldn’t have even thought it possible.

We will work with you with multiple discussion stages to get an idea for what you need; helping you to refine your own ideas to create a result that you never thought was possible. We understand that when you contact an online web developer, you want someone who can make your vision a reality, using quality designs and original ideas that reflect your business every step of the way.

With years of experience in the industry, our website development company will work efficiently to create a user friendly site that will show your credibility from the second your customers land on your home page. If you would like to hire our web developing company, please get in touch with our custom website developers today.

Web Wizards provide online marketing services based in Perth including web design,  website development, ecommerce web design, digital marketing and Adwords management , Search engine optimisation agency services, web hosting & domain management, graphic designer & commercial printing.



Responsive Designs & Apps

Have you ever tried to look at a website on your phone, only to find that it has been cut off or been distorted?

If this is the case then you will certainly remember how stressful it can be. If your website is not optimised for mobile use, then your customers could be running into the same problems. This is something you want to avoid at all times because you could be losing valuable customers each and every day.

Nowadays, more people are using mobile phones than desktops and so it is now more important than ever to optimise your site for these customers. Our mobile application development in Perth will allow you to cater for your mobile customers with expert efficiency. We can use mobile web development to dynamically adapt your site to whatever screen size your customer is using, as well as helping you to drive more traffic to your site. This is called a responsive web design.

We can even help you to make your site friendly for tablet users as well, so it doesn’t matter where your customers are viewing your website from, they will receive a fully responsive version that is both easy to use as well as being easy to navigate. If you would like to find out more about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Software Development

Here at Web Wizards we excel at software development in Perth, and we work diligently to make sure that we provide a service that other software development companies fail to compete with.

We understand that many businesses have specialised requirements when it comes to their software, and so they need a software developer who can work with them to make sure that this happens. We always work with our customers on a one-to-one basis, and we just don’t believe in template solutions so you know that you can count on us to go above and beyond to meet your every expectation.

We have some of the best software developers working here with us and your satisfaction is our number one priority, so when you choose Web Wizards as your software development company you know you can expect a personalised service from start to finish.

While all software we make is customised, many companies have very specialised requirements and need solutions that are specific. We are able to design and develop sophisticated software systems that allow your business to run more effectively and economically. Once we have completed your software system, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and watch the magic work.



Website Development FAQ’s

I have an idea about a business website but I am not sure where to start, what do I do?

This is the way that most website development projects start. The first thing we do is have a conversation in our office. We discuss your project ideas and look at not just the design and development but the monetisation of your website, so that your project is profitable.

How do you ensure the project stays on track?

We create design and development notes which we agree on. Then we create a wireframe which is a design flow chart that connects all parts of the project. After that we schedule the milestones and relate them to deliverable dates.

What is a responsive web design?

A responsive web design is a web design technique that enables a website to adapt dynamically to various screen sizes, making it easy for users to access and navigate the site on any device, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Why is it important to optimise a website for mobile use?

It is essential to optimise a website for mobile use because more people now use mobile devices than desktops, and failure to do so could result in lost customers. A mobile-friendly website ensures that users can access and navigate your website with ease, regardless of the device they are using.

Can Web Wizards help make a website tablet-friendly?

Yes, Web Wizards can help make a website tablet-friendly. They specialise in responsive web design, which means that they can develop a website that will dynamically adapt to any screen size, including tablets.

What is Web Wizards’ approach to software development?

Web Wizards provides personalised software development services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each business. They work one-to-one with their clients and don’t believe in template solutions. They have some of the best software developers working for them and prioritise client satisfaction.

What kind of software systems can Web Wizards design and develop?

Web Wizards can design and develop sophisticated software systems that are customised to meet the specific needs of each business. They can help businesses run more efficiently and economically with their software solutions.