Website Hosting – Litespeed server with LS Caching is Superfast

Most businesses don’t understand the importance of their web host provider, often opting for a cheap solution unaware of the impact this may have on their website and consequently their business. Cheap hosting often means your website is hosted on a server overseas – somewhere? Or your website is on a server that is shared with many so-called hosting companies. You may wonder what the big deal is – well that can mean delays in getting support if anything goes wrong, an inability to isolate problems when on a shared server, and a lack of flexibility if you need a special solution. That is why at Web Wizards we have, and insist upon, our own dedicated local server. Ours runs at light speed with LS cache and includes 10 different types of protection and speed enhancement software.

Our Australian based hosting offers a premium hosting service for a very reasonable cost. Our server company offers us 24/7 support and addresses any issues with urgency and immediacy. Your website is backed up daily so if there are problems there is minimal impact as we restore your site to the lastest backup.

Keeping your website online is absolutely vital and quality hosting will ensure minimal downtime. The Australian server we use is an operated by an award-winning company with many large corporate clients. They provide Web Wizards with a dedicated server and maintain and upgrade infrastructure regularly to guarantee quality and continuity of service.

We’ll take care of all technicalities and configurations – no requirement for you to have server knowledge as we’ll host and manage your website for you with security and care.


Prices starting from $30 a month !

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Domain Registration

How important is a name – in the case of a domain name for your business it’s crucial. It is not just about the domain name you choose it’s more importantly about how you hold onto it. Your domain name is the asset you don’t want to lose and unfortunately we have heard too many stories of  expired and lost domain names. That is why we recommend you allow Web Wizards to manage your domain – this means your website domain name is safe and renewed on time. A lost domain name means your website disappears instantly as well as access and use of your domain emails.

We can help guide you in choosing a domain name that will help in Google search results, relating it to what your customers are searching for. We check availability and encourage you to purchase an Australian domain for better search results.

We manage website domains for hundred of clients who trust us to ensure that their website address is always renewed on time. If you have forgotten to renew your domain name do you know that a crafty competitor can swoop in and take ownership and you have no recourse. We make sure that doesn’t happen.

We not only register and purchase your domain for you but we configure it for you – all the technical stuff. But don’t worry you OWN the domain name – we just help manage it for you.

Your domain name is as important online as your business name is offline. If you change emails or staff your domain could be lost when a renewal is sent to them – this won’t happen at Web Wizards. With 10 years in the web industry our contacts and emails are constant and we give you ample time and notice to ensure your domain name remains yours.


Local Support & Advice

At Web Wizards we believe in providing a local service that businesses can count on. So when your website is hosted by us you receive more than just hosting – you are part of our first class support system.

We provide our client’s support right here in WA.  When you need web support, all you need to do is contact our office to be directed to the best team member for your particular support issue, such as email support or help with editing your website. Your call or email will be heard or seen immediately by a team member in our Perth office and a response provided on the day. A solution is scheduled as soon as possible, which in most cases is an immediate or same day resolution; complex issues may require more time but it is our aim to find solutions as quickly as possible.

Your business needs reliable web support and that is why we provide an all-round service, helping with anything web related to your site including email set-up, web editing, web and Google marketing, web hosting, domain registration and social media marketing. We respond promptly, giving you advice on any of these areas as well as giving you the guidance and support you need to keep your business visible and growing on the net.

An added service, when you build a website with Web Wizards, is one-on-one training on managing and editing your website as well as comprehensive video tutorials available in the admin section of your website. You can even call us anytime for phone support on editing your site if you host with us.

We take support seriously – we’re not saying we’re perfect but we give it our all to keep our clients happy, so much so we have our own Rules of the Game which you can read here.

Hosting & Domains FAQ’s

Why is Website Hosting Important?

It is important for a few reasons.
1 If your website takes too long to load then customers may hit he back button and look at your competitors.
2 Page Speed is a website ranking factor. Google now ranks the website based on the mobile version. If you don’t have a responsive website (displays correctly on phones and tablets)
3 If your customers can quickly go to each page, then they will likely look through more of your website. Google looks at page views when ranking your website.
We have a Perth based server and it is quick. It is deliberately under-utilised in terms of capacity so that our customers have fast websites.

Can You Purchase and Manage Our Domains?

Yes we can. This takes all the worry away from you in terms of remembering to renew your domains. There are new rules for renewing your domain if you have let it lapse.  Under 30 days expired you can pay the normal fee. For 30-60 days overdue there is a $200 fee (imposed by the domain authority) the dns records are removed If you are 60-90overdue it heads towards being open to purchase by another company. We speak to customers who have lost their domain (bought by another company)  by not managing their domain properly.
Domains are an important business asset. Ensure they are properly managed.