Website and Graphic Designer Portfolio

We started Web Wizards about 8 years and in that time we have made hundreds of websites.

We have an extensive online website design portfolio.

We also have a graphic design portfolio, which includes print and design and a logo portfolio.

Generally the websites fall into the following categories.

1 Page or brochure website. Generally the client generates their own leads and it is mainly for giving basic information.

Here is a good example The website is used to access a menu and for phone and fax  orders.

2 Business Websites with Product and Services Information are probably the most common.

Generally most businesses use a 10+ page website that explains their services. This is a good example is a custom security screen door and window company.

They have a variety of products and installation services which their website showcases. They use traditional methods to collect payments.

3 E-Commerce Websites for Online Purchasing

This allows the owner to showcase and accept payments from customers 24 hours per day.

There are a number of options for configuring the website with different payment options.

This depends whether you use Paypal,Eway or E-Path

All options accept credit cards but Paypal offers a Paypal account option.

Shopping carts can be configured to accept account customers, EFTpayments, Bartercard and BBX payments.

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