Wholesale Shopping Carts

Shopping Carts and E-commerce Solutions to Suit Wholesalers.

Many people don’t realise that shopping carts don’t need to display the prices to the public. You may be asking yourself why wouldn’t you want to display your prices, after all that is one of the first questions they are likely to ask. If you wholesale goods to retail outlets the benefits are obvious. You will want to keep your prices private and only available to approved clients. For example, if a prospective client comes to your website and sees the great range you offer, they will want to contact you about your products.

By doing it this way you can vet prospective clients and ensure your other wholesale competitors don’t know your prices to your clients. We utilise popular Woo commerce or Magento platforms to design our ecommerce solutions . Many people are not aware that there are similar alternatives to Paypal such as Pin or Stripe that offers cheaper rates.  we can also other solutions such as e-Path for those with existing EFTPOS facilities making the need to re-apply to the bank unnecessary or a fully integrated solution with e-Way and your bank.

Whatever Ecommerce solution you are looking for, we can provide it for you. See our ecommerce web design pages for more details.



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